Department of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy is a university-wide. Department provides teaching courses “Philosophy”, “History of Ukrainian Culture”, “Cultural Studies”, “logic”, “ethics and aesthetics”, “Business Ethics”, “Philosophical problems of scientific knowledge” (for educational qualification “Master” level) as well as the course “Philosophy” for graduate students, applicants and scientific reserve University.

At the department there are postgraduate (PhD) and doctoral studies. Research work carried out at the Department of Philosophy in the priority area of “Fundamental research on the most important problems of scientific, technical, socio-economic, socio-political, human potential to ensure Ukraine’s competitiveness and sustainable development of society and the State” (Fundamental Research on topical problems of public and humanities). Philosophy Department of Research carried out under the theme of the research work “Research methods of personality development” (state registration number №0107U0000981). Under this theme developed three fundamental directions “Creativity as a method of the present humanism”, “Innovation and the information society and the foundations of modernization of education”, “Social Innovation as the designing of management activities.”


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Богачев Роман Михайлович
Завідуючий кафедрою, кандидат філософських наук, доцент
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