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Psychology and Pedagogic Department is university-wide department that provides teaching psychological disciplines to all students and postgraduates students of National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. This department is a part of Sociology and Law faculty.

Academic staff consists of 14 teachers: 3 professors, 8 associate professors, 3 senior teachers.

Academic staff of department are consists of 14 teachers. Head of the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy is Volianiuk Nataliya Uriivna, Doctor of psychology.

The main directions of scientific research are the following:

  • Integration of information and pedagogic technologies in higher education sphere;
  • Forming of psychological culture and professional ethics of technical university teachers;
  • Psychological conditions of student identification development: social, professional and gender;
  • Psychological determinants of business communication optimization;
  • Problems of industrial, organization and economical psychology.

Since 2004 the budget scientific and research project “The theory and practice of psychological and pedagogic personal development in higher technical universities” has been carried out at the department. 0115U007213

There is an editing activity at the department. Thus, to 5-year (2004) and 10-year (2007) anniversary the collected scientific articles “The Psychological Resource of Higher Education” were published.

Six scientific and methodological conferences “Teaching psychological and pedagogic disciplines at the technical university: methodology, experience, perspectives” (1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009) were organized by the department. At first this conferences were Ukrainian-wide but later they acquired the status of International as the representatives of different academic schools gather there. The conference of 2007 was differ from others because it was based on the Internet communications at the preliminary stage.

Our teachers take an active part in different conferences, seminars, forums, which take place at the university level, regional and international levels. According to the scientific research, the teachers and postgraduate students of our department made about 200 scientific reports and published over 300 scientific articles and manuscripts for the last five years.

The department collaborates with other universities of Ukraine such as National University “Lviv Polytechnica” (Engineering and Pedagogic Training Department), Ternopil State Technical University (Department of Psychology in Industrial Sphere), Bila Tserkva State Agricultural University (Pedagogic and Psychology Department), Humanitarian Institute of National Aviation University (Psychological Department),  Rovno State Humanitarian University (Basic Psychology Department and Psychodiagnosis).

Educational and professional programs

Department of Psychology and Pedagogy prepares PhD of specialty 053 “Psychology”.

An educational-scientific program of the third level of higher education is executed.

Branch of knowledge: 05 Social and behavioral sciences

Specialty: 053 Psychology

List of disciplines (with description)

Pedagogical block
Methodology of teaching at high school

The subject of «Technique of teaching in the higher school» includes the new requirements for higher education from point of view of economic, social, demographic, psychological and ecological factors; the processes taking place in the European educational space; the newest methods and technologies of training. The goal of discipline is to teach students deep theoretical knowledge of an essence of scientific and methodological activity in the higher school; to form professional stereotypes of scientific thinking and methodical bases of carrying out the researches, to monitor and estimate the quality of mastering by students of educational information; to learn to be productive in professional-pedagogical dialogue and to show high level of self-organising in professional work.

Pedagogy of high school

The academic discipline «Pedagogy of higher school »behaves to the cycle of professionally-practical preparation. The discipline has for an aim preparation of graduate  to future pedagogical activity in higher educational establishments.


The academic discipline refers to the cycle of disciplines of humanitarian and socioeconomic training for bachelors. The subject of the educational discipline “Pedagogy” is the relations that arise in the process of pedagogical activity.

Pedagogical skills and fundamentals of pedagogy

Academic discipline “Pedagogical skill” refers to the cycle of masters, it contains information about the theoretical basis of the professional- educational activities, and psychological aspects of pedagogical activity.

Psychological block
Social Psychology

The object of study of discipline «Social Psychology» are characteristics of personalities that are manifested in the interaction with other people, and features of the socio-psychological processes and phenomena. The goal of discipline are teaching graduate students to implement a psychological analysis of complicated situations in interactions “personality – society”, “personality – social group”, “personality – personality” and organize own activities as a component of collective activities.

The psychology of safety

The subject of discipline “Psychology of Safety” is a psychological aspect of human security in various activities and in terms of the social environment. The purpose of discipline is a psychologically safe behavior and the willingness of students to the practical implementation of a safe profession. For this purpose it is necessary to teach students to consider the psychology of safety as an interdisciplinary area of scientific knowledge, to analyze the sources of psychological threats at various levels, using knowledge of psychology of safety issues that are relevant in today’s society and production.

The psychology of conflict

The object of study of course “The Psychology of conflict” are patterns of relations and behavior of people in conflict situations, the causes of conflict and methods for overcoming them. The goal of the discipline are teaching students to use knowledge about typologies, causes of conflicts, strategies of behavior in conflicts, a role of mediation in a conflict resolution, traditional methods and technologies in a conflict prevention, to predict changes and dynamics of the course of conflict.


Course of lectures on discipline “Psychology” is dedicated to the main issues of psychology, was considered its object and method. Were specified features in psychology as a science, the importance of psychological knowledge to humans. Was marked methodological foundations of psychology, was outlined the main stages of the historical and psychological process. Was considered the problems of the mental development in the animal world and in individual human life; was highlighted that the indirect relationship that exists between psyche and the biological body.

Psychology and methodology of teaching specialist subjects in high school

The subject of «Psychology and Technique of Teaching the Professional Disciplines in the Higher School» is psychological and didactic features of implementing of the newest technologies of teaching of students the professional disciplines in the higher school. The goal of discipline is to teach students to use psychological-pedagogical and fundamental knowledge for decision of practical problems of teaching the professional subject matter in higher school; to use the systematic approach to organisation of training in professional subject matter, and to the control of students’ knowledge; to consider psychological features of learning and to apply methods of its activization; to carry out pedagogical dialogue on the basis of the standard norms of behaviour and morals in professional relations.

Economic Psychology

Credit module “Economic Psychology” involves the study of representations of the phenomena of economic behavior, algorithms and models that describe the economic benefits, the choice of economic decisions and the factors that influence patterns of economic activity. Purpose of the discipline – getting students theoretical knowledge of methods and mechanisms of action of economic factors on the human psyche and the skills of comparative analysis of different models of economic behavior and their components, as well as skills to allocate qualitative features and specifics of the psychological mechanisms of economic behavior, analyze the psychological patterns of economic activity of different entities.

Legal psychology

Subject of credit module “Legal Psychology” is mental phenomena in terms of their legal significance for defining a truth, as well as scientifically explained means of overcoming violations by psychological treatment of certain mental processes, states and features of a personality. The purpose of the credit module is to develop student’s skills to understand the issues of legal consciousness as principles of legal actions, to reflect conformity of an own behavior with legal norms, to qualify human behavior in the context of legal regulation, to apply the acquired knowledge for analysis of psychological nature of the various manifestations of individual behavior within various legal relationships, to obtain psychological methods to develop legal consciousness, culture and behavior.

Cognitive Psychology

The purpose of the subject is the formation of students’ abilities to deal with the philosophical and methodological level of a psychological problem of сognition; to analyze fundamental theories and concepts, data on laws of occurrence of cognitive activity; to reveal the laws of occurrence of cognitive experience of personality in scientific and technical spheres; to develop a psychologically proved system of influences on development of intellectual abilities of personality.

Psychology of leadership and professional success

The object of study of discipline “Psychology of leadership and professional success” are regularities of professional activity’s success and regularities of communication in the superior-subordinate system, mechanisms of leadership nominations, authority’s problems, the ratio of leadership and management, personality traits which required for the nominations of the leaders. The goal of discipline are teaching students to predict achieving success in professional activity, use communication methods that apply leaders, use motivational methods, sources of influence and power of the leader in an organization, to analyze and to use a features of different leadership styles.

Psychological foundations of ergonomics and design

The subject of the educational discipline “Psychological foundations of ergonomics and design” are ergonomic and aesthetic characteristics of the product quality and production environment. The aim of the academic discipline is the ability of expert evaluation of design-ergonomic indicators of the quality of different types of products and production environment. To do this, we need to teach students to consider the psychological foundations of ergonomics and design as an interdisciplinary field of scientific knowledge, to analyze the psychological features of human activity in the system “human-technology-environment,” to use knowledge about the methods, criteria and procedures for examining the design-ergonomic quality of the production environment and products.

International activity

Department parthners with international scientific cooperation are:

  • Kaunas University of Technology (Department of Humanities);
  • Wroclaw University of Technology (Department of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Material and technical support

The Department has 2 study rooms and 1 methodical room.

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