Department of Sociology


054 “Sociology”:
Qualification: graduates of the educational and qualification levels “Specialist” recieva qualification sociologist; “Master” – Researcher, Lecturer of Sociology.

231 “Social Work”:
Qualification: graduates of the educational and qualification levels “Specialist” receive qualification expert of social work; “Master” – a professional in the field of social protection of the population.

Form of study: full-time, part-time.

Brief description of the specialties:

1. The sociologist has a whole spectrum of methods and the collection and processing of sociological information technology: able to organize and carry out sociological, marketing and political science studies (from the development of research programs to provide specific recommendations on how to further the practical implementation) has a program of computer processing of sociological data (the SPSS, OCA and others.). The advantage of the sociological profession is a fundamental training in sociological and general education disciplines: sociology of politics, sociology, economics, sociology of culture, sociology of media, sociology, advertising and public relations (PR), psychology, political science, economics, conflict resolution, computer data processing, English, courses on the preparation and holding of sociological, marketing, political science research. This allows a wide choice of professional.
Download the presentation of the specialty “Sociology” (in ukrainian).

2. Social worker – a specialist in the provision of social assistance to various categories of the population. The social worker has the professional knowledge with the theory and methods of social work, psychology, sociology, psychiatry, is familiar with the legal aspects of social security; have communication skills, able to create a “network of aid” and help manage the process, it is able to carry out research activities.
Download the presentation of the specialty “Social Work” (in ukrainian).

The department carries out training of PhD 054 “Sociology”.

The courses, which are taught to faculty NTUU “KPI” – political science, sociology, social policy. The activities of students and teachers in the Department of Research and Innovation is subject to the general direction of the initiative theme of research work of the department “Social development, modernization and modern in a globalized world.”

Since 2008, at the Department of Sociology has been published research journal of NTUU “KPI” “Political science. Sociology. Jurisprudence”. The magazine is a specialized political, sociological and legal sciences. Periodicity – 4 issues per year. Language of edition – Ukrainian, Russian, English.Nike Fashion yeezy

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