Educational programs

Bachelor’s degree
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
Master’s degree
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
PhD degree
  • Sociology

Research interests

Department of Sociology
  • theme of modernity and social theory: modernity, modernization, development, and contemporary sociological theories;
  • the dynamics of the world-system, including the history of world-systems analysis, the epistemology of sociology, and the methodology of sociological research;
  • the evolution and transformations of nation-states, including the developmental state, conflict resolution, and social inequality;
  • social structure and stratification, including transformation processes in East and Central Europe and issues related to migration, forced migration, and the integration of migrants and IDPs;
  • social, cultural, and political identities in Ukraine and the EU nations, including gender identities and gender conflicts, value orientations, European integration and European identity, and economic sociology, such as the sociology of entrepreneurship.


For information on admission, please contact the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Center for International Education

Department of Sociology is a leading educational and research institution in Ukraine dealing with a variety of pressing social issues and challenges, both local and global. The Department academic staff is deeply engaged into researching the nature and prospects of modernity / modernities as well as modernization. The Department faculty have produced studies on the developmental state and its relevance to European context of modernity and modernization, politics of collective memory, identity politics, conflicts resolution, electoral behavior, European integration. Department faculty members frequently appear on national and international TV to cover and comment Ukrainian, European and global politics. The Department of Sociology offers a plethora of courses ranging from traditional subject-matters (e.g. sociological theory, methodology and research methods) to classes providing unique expertise and insight into East European and post-communist affairs including inequity, migration, collective memories, social movements. The Department of Sociology annually holds conferences on historical sociology of modernity and regularly hosts globally renowned scholars for public lectures. The Department of Sociology offers BA, MA and PhD degrees.

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