Educational program



For information on admission, please contact the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Center for International Education

Educational and professional program “Law” is aimed at training highly qualified professionals who meet modern needs and requirements of the labor market. Applicants for higher legal education of the first (bachelor’s) level, together with the study of fundamental disciplines, have the opportunity to freely choose and expand the educational trajectory within the certificate program “Human Rights and their protection”, as well as administrative, commercial, information law and intellectual property law.

Along with fundamental legal disciplines, students gain in-depth knowledge of legal regulation of commercial and other economic activities, corporate law, management and foreign economic activity, securities market, financial and banking law, legal issues of taxation, contract law. They also gain skills in drafting business contracts, procedural documents in court cases, learn the basics of organization and implementation of legal practice.

If we consider humanity as a whole, it is currently moving from a post-industrial society to an information society, where the objects of relations are not material goods, but the ideal – information, ideas, knowledge. Total automation of most spheres of social life is associated with information support of society’s needs. This increases the social standard of living, labor productivity in various areas of the main concentration of the working population. But any information becomes a potential object of threat from attackers, who encroach on its integrity, completeness, confidentiality. Thus, illegal acts may be expressed in the opening of access, destruction, distortion of information or change of its content. Also, the inexhaustible demand of the labor market for specialists in the field of intellectual property law is due to the accelerated pace of scientific and technological progress. It is becoming easier to infringe copyright and more difficult to protect it. Scientific ideas and experiments, inventions and discoveries are only an incomplete list of those objects of scientific and intellectual property that can be created by a man armed with reason. The results of any work give rise to the formation of the legal rights of their inventor, to determine the conditions of violation and the peculiarities of the process of protection. Based on the above, the department opened a specialization: “Information law and intellectual property law”.