Young Entrepreneurs Program

Міжнародний центр розвитку ділової етики інформує про оголошення конкурсу для участі у Young Entrepreneurs Program

Дедлайн подачі заявок: 05 лютого 2018 року.

Завантажити інформацію про програму

Лист від організаторів на англійскій мові

Dear Members and Friends,
We are happy to inform you that NUCC will this spring organize the 4th version of our Young
Entrepreneurs Program. Deadline for applying is February 5 th  2018.

“Young Entrepreneurs” is a business-educational program. The aim is to bring together ambitious business-minded Norwegians and Ukrainians with one thing in common: Their passion for taken part in the business cooperation between Norway and Ukraine.

During two intensive weeks, one in Norway and one in Ukraine, twenty participants will get a first-hand guidance on creating and doing business in and between Norway and Ukraine. Throughout the program, the participants visit several Norwegian and Ukrainian businesses, meet with relevant authorities and NGOs focusing on Business Ethics, Good Corporate Governance and Anti-Corruption. Moreover, the candidates will work with concrete business cases that have the potential to lead to real business – as they did in three previous years.

You can find more information about the Young Entrepreneurs Program and how to apply on

Overview of 2017 reforms to improve business climate in Ukraine

The Law company and NUCC-member, MarchenkoDanevych, has made a short and concise overview over some of the most important reforms introduced in 2017 to improve business climate in Ukraine:

  • Ukraine Protects Business in Criminal Proceedings
  • Ukraine becomes one of the first States to use Blockchain technology
  • Ukraine Enhances Protection of Minority Investors
  • Simplified Employment Permits Procedures for Foreigners
  • Ukraine Introduces State Aid Regulations
  • Ukraine Improves Fast-Track Registration Procedure for Medicines

Please follow the link if you want to read more detailed about the reforms and what they include: 2017-reforms- to-improve- business-climate- in-ukraine/

New members in 2017

In 2017 eighteen new companies from Norway and Ukraine became members of Norwegian-
Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC). We welcome our new members!

“Working with Norwegians”

“Working with Norwegians” written by Karin Ellis is the guide to understanding Norwegians in the workplace and their social life which will make you a more informed and confident colleague, business partner and friend. With enhanced awareness and confidence, you should be more relaxed, have fun, and focus on building lasting, rewarding relationships. The book is available on Amazon and Tanum.

We want to present our members in NUCCs newsletters. If you want to present your company or share new activities, products or services with our network, please contact NUCC’s Office Manager Nataliya Sjøvoll

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Warm regards,
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